Charade socks

IMG_2740, originally uploaded by casystotyle.

I actually finished these a couple of days ago, but I’m a lazy blogger. When I took these pictures outside there was an extreme heat advisory with high humidity in effect. Nasty hot. And I was handling wool. I feel like a warrior.

These socks are not blocked yet. Waiting till I finish my current Jaywalkers. I have been having some difficulty with these Jaywalkers. I guess I’m a pretty loose knitter because I had to go down to a size 0 needle and 56 sts around the foot before the pattern increases. So now they have 28 on the sole and 34 on the pattern side. They still seem a bit loose to me, but I ripped them out twice and I’m not going to do it again. Saying that is probably a recipe for disaster. I will post pictures soon.

One thought on “Charade socks

  1. Lovely – this is one of my favourite sock patterns.

    [If it makes you feel any better, I had sizing problems with the Jaywalkers also. In the end, I just gave up!]

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