Baby elephants do soothe the nerves

Enter Elijah, a precious stuffed elephant designed by Ysolda Teague. I’ve taken a break from Clapotis until I decide what to do. So far this pattern is fun, very easy to follow, and exactly meeting my expectations. It’s a baby shower gift for a shower next weekend. I thought about February Baby, but wanted something she wouldn’t outgrow. The color is more fucshia than shown here. The future mommy says everything in her baby’s room is pink, and I feared bucking the trend, so I went as wild as I could find in the color family.

I’ll probably rip out a couple of inches of Clapotis and alternate every other row with the new ball. I don’t think I can handle ripping it all out. More to come on that front. First this baby needs another leg, ears, arms, and eyes.

One thought on “Baby elephants do soothe the nerves

  1. i would like to think that fuschia is pink’s cooler cousin. Also, I think there is such a thing as too much pink (I am biased, of course). I think the fuschia was a smart move.

    Don’t rip out too much of your clapotis. I think you should consider the imperfections design features and move on. But I am lazy, and perhaps you are not?

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