Halloween schmalloween

Here is a quick look at my Halloween costume.

I was a vampire (yes, pretty generic). We actually didn’t make it out on Halloween. We went to a skating rink the night before that had unlimited Old Style, Keystone, and skating of course for seven dollars. I got more than my fill of cheap beer and avoided embarrasing myself on the skates for the most part. I was too tired to go out on the actual holiday, as were most of my friends that attended the skating party.

Drew was Van Gogh:

He looks so sad. I loved his costume. We had a lot of fun on Thursday, but I was dragging all day and then we found out that everyone we hang out with was pretty much staying at home, so our Halloween consisted of lazing around with one trip to Barnes and Noble, some HP Lovecraft for Drew and a book called Measuring the Immeasurable: The Scientific Case for Spirituality for me. I love to learn about energy healing and similarly intangible beliefs and techniques. I recently received my Reiki III attunement. The distance healing part seems like you’re just using your imagination sometimes, but whenever I get confirmation that someone feels and responds to the healing it’s a wonderful confirmation. I’ve been sending reiki energy to Drew’s mom because she has to have a kidney transplant soon. After I told her that I’ve been sending it she reported that she had been feeling “waves of wellness.” That made me feel so good.

The rest of the weekend was pretty peaceful. I’ve been trying to coax myself into finishing my Wicked sweater. The stockinette gets a little old. I made my fourth (yes, I love this pattern) Mustard Hat from Rebecca Magazine. I made the yellow hat on the link, one for Drew, one for a friend, and another for me in some gorgeous gray Manos. I haven’t done the pom pom, so I won’t post a pic yet. I also started a ganomy hat in a bright green (I think Cascade?) yarn. I’ll post some pics of it soon too.

I talked Drew into hiking on Saturday. We’re both kind of lazy when it comes to exercise, but Saturday was in the low 70s and it was too colorful and nice not to go outside for a bit. We went up to Mt. Sequoyah and tramped around a bit. It was fun, but the way out is always terrible because it’s almost a solid uphill. It’s all fine and dandy going in, but then you’re reminded on the way out why it’s called Mt. Sequoyah. Here are a couple of shots of the trees messing around with pic effects on the iPhone.

I’m trying to goad myself into occasional exercise. So far so good. I got a Pilates DVD that uses a stability ball which makes it into a little more fun. I’m just terribly lazy and can convince myself that most of my free time can revolve around knitting and that’s fine.

Edited to add: By the way, is anyone else crazy excited about Addi coming out with an interchangeable needle system? I was just going to get a little crazy and beef up my collection with more 40″ needles for magic loop and I came across pages talking about the interchangeable system coming out probably around the holidays. It comes with 24″, 32″, and 40″ cords. Heck yes! It’s $150, but considering the needles are $13 plus apiece it seems like a good deal. Going on the Christmas list…

2 thoughts on “Halloween schmalloween

  1. OK, didn’t even KNOW about the Addi interchangeables! But I think I might have at least $400 worth of ’em, so can’t justify the expense, although I am so down with the concept!

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