The Christmas shackles take hold.

I have decided to commit myself to making Christmas gifts for almost everyone that I’m giving a gift to. I am only commiting to hats, mittens, scarves and/or some combination of the three for everyone on my list. That seems doable. I already have one hat, and two pairs of mittens done. That takes care of one complete and two half-gifts. Does that make sense? I have been doing knitting for myself too. Here is the ganomy hat that I finished a few weeks ago and have been too lazy to post about:

First finished ganomy

First finished ganomy

I have since done two more ganomys (they’re quick and addictive), a Robin beret from Kim Hargreaves Thrown Together. The Robin beret was a bit slower, being all sock yarn. I used Alpaca Sox from Classic Elite Yarns and went down a needle size as usual. I used 0’s and 1’s. I modified it by doing it in the round to avoid seaming. I can’t really fathom any reason not to do it in the round unless you really relish seaming things. I think the top would not be as neat and cute with a seam, but I guess I haven’t tried it both ways, so it’s hard to say. I just avoided a hell of a lot of purling. Yea! I also didn’t go with a pom pom.

Other FO’s: A ganomy for my brother with Creative Focus worsted in a brown color. Fluffy cuff mittens for my sister. I can’t remember what yarn at the moment, and some simple mittens of my own design for my brother’s girlfriend in some turquoise and white Lamb’s Pride worsted. Someday hopefully I will post pics of these items, and I may even post the mitten pattern if anyone is interested. They’re pretty simple mittens with a thumb gusset and a ribbed cuff.

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