Insanity, thy name is Cassy

I may have overestimated my perceived levels of sanity when undertaking this:sleeves1

Please excuse the blurriness. This is the beginning of my Treeline Striped Cardigan made with Creative Focus Worsted and some grey/green Kidsilk Haze. I’m loving the way it looks, but I may have been a bit too ambitious when undertaking both sleeves at at time using magic loop with SIX STRAND OF POTENTIALLY TANGLING AND CLINGY YARN. There is a lot of unwinding and rearranging of skeins going on. Other than that, it’s peachy. I’m being very careful, keeping the cats locked out of the room, and obviously this will not travel well. I have about 9 inches left on the sleeves. So far I have modified the increases to be M1 left and M1 right instead of the kf&b increases in the pattern. I wanted them to look more invisible. I did the first increase kf&b and didn’t go back to change it because I just don’t care that much. Some of you might be cringing at that… I also am making the sleeves a wee bit longer to cover the bottom of my hands.

Christmas knitting continues…halfway through a scarf for my brother, then I only have a scarf and hat to go. Totally manageable given I will be off work for half of December. I can justify the hours spent toward Treeline with ease.

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