Queen of green


Admittedly, I should be working on studying for my final, or the big ‘ol research project (which really isn’t that bad), or typing up my case report for my final presentation of a counseling session. Yep, I’m procrastinating as usual. I was just moving things around in the living room and was struck by the number of green knitted items I have been working on or wearing lately. From left to right they are the Opera Scarf in Blue Sky Alpacas Suri Merino which definitely rivals Malabrigo Worsted in softness. It’s a Christmas present for my mom. I cast on 3 fewer stitches and I’m doubling the yarn on size 9 Addis to give the lace pattern more meat.

The second green item is the completed sleeve from my Treeline Striped Cardigan. I have more details on an earlier post. I’m about halfway up to the armpits on the body. This project has been pushed to the size somewhat as I’ve been concentrating on gift knitting.

Next comes the February Lady. I “finished” this back in September, I think, but I’ve never been quite satisfied with the length and I haven’t sewn on buttons. I’m going to rip back about 2-3 inches in length on the body and about 1 1/2 inches on the sleeves to make it more like the look on the original pattern. I did not account for how much this baby grows when wet. That could also be the alpaca blend yarn having its way.

The Give A Hoot mittens are really fun and cute. I think there might be a slight number error on the right mitten when you get to the decreases. This mitten came out smaller than I intended. I think I will finish it and try to block it to size before I rip it out. It’s for a gift exchange and there are likely to be girls there with smaller hands than me. I may just need to extent the length by a couple of rows before the final decreases. More details on these mittens in an earlier post.

EDITED TO ADD: I got a message from Kate and she said anyone that downloaded the pattern before Thanksgiving would have this error, but it has since been corrected. Thanks Kate.

Last is the Mrs. Darcy Cardigan. I did this one last winter. It was my first seamed sweater. Beware the numbers in the pattern. This one ends up being pretty cute though. If I made it again I would make the garter edge around the collar wider since it tends to curl under sometimes. I would also make it out of softer yarn. Lamb’s Pride Worsted get’s itchy after awhile.

I suppose that’s it for now. I really should be doing homework. Boo.

3 thoughts on “Queen of green

  1. We’re glad you liked the Give a Hoot mittens. We updated the right mitten a day or two after Thanksgiving, so if you downloaded the pattern before that, there was definitely an error. If you downloaded it after that….hm…it should be correct….you can send an email to info at kelbournewoolens dot com if you think there is still something off and we will see what we can do!

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