I’m in love.

I don’t have much to say, other than I am in love with this sweater. It’s the first I’ve made that I truly love. We battled a bit. I knit that button band 4 times yesterday, the yoke three times during the process, and had to improvise the numbers on several parts of the pattern.  But it was worth it. There are more details in an earlier post and I’m too lazy to rewrite.Here’s the evidence:


I apologize for the very crappy pic. I’m lazy about pics in general and usually just use my phone, but today I actually broke out the camera and all of the rechargeable batteries were dead and the charger is not working. Meh meh meh. Also happy to know that the horizontal stripes don’t make me look gargantuan. I’m on to more knitting…next up the Minimalist Cardigan or a top down raglan cardigan with a shawl collar. I’m also going to be knitting many, many socks. Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!

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