Head full of rainbows

Hello ladies and gentlemen of blogland. I have returned. I promised pictures of Ishbel in the last couple of posts, but I’ve come to an unfortunate snag in the pattern, I’m sure of my own misunderstanding and miscounting and I need to unravel her a bit. Instead, here is the cap I started way back in February in Portland. Yes, it’s a bit warm for wool caps these days, but it’s good to finish the project nevertheless. Everyone needs slouchy hats. They’re soothing to the soul.

N-cap imitation

N-cap imitation

My good friend Taylor was kind enough to have a fun little photo shoot with me. Now he will be forced to take all of my blog photos because none that I take will ever look this good. Poor poor fella.


This is an imitation of N-cap, (Ravelry link), which I saw on Ravelry and fell in love with. This is my third incarnation of that hat style. The first hat I loved and lost within two weeks. I still miss it, but I hope it’s keeping someone else’s head warm. The second is a pale blue hat that I wear from time to time. This one has more droop, but I’m a fan of the colors. I used Paint Box and started one ball at the center and one at the outside, alternating every two rows.

I just did altered the purling and knitting for four rows apiece and then decreased when I felt like it. Scientific, no?

This one is just for fun:
We had happy hour photo time and it was happy. I can be a ham in front of the camera sometimes, but I usually take the best pics of myself because no one else has the patience. I’ve never liked photos of myself so much. Dude has a good eye.

I’m working on socks. They’re Monkey Socks made with hand-dyed yarn from etsy in the Bluebird of Happiness colorway. So, they could be dubbed the Monkeys of Happiness perhaps. I will be posting at least one related pic of them soon. The color is bright blue with flecks of bright orange and yellow. It truly is happy. I had a dream the other night that a little bird was trapped in a cupboard. When I let it out it was colored like the yarn. I didn’t catch the significance of the coloring until later that morning when I was thinking about my dream. Letting the bluebird of happiness out…

I graduated last Saturday with my master’s in counseling. I skipped graduation in lieu of taking my parents and sister to the local farmer’s market. I heard the graduation ceremony ended up being about four hours of boring, so I’m assured that I made the right decision. Now I have a two-ish month break before I begin the summer class that launches me into the PhD program in counselor education. Hurrah! School never ends. I don’t now if this is a good thing… Avoidance of reality? Meh.

I will be taking a trip to NYC in mid-June if anyone has any suggestions for brilliant fun.

5 thoughts on “Head full of rainbows

  1. You should find a young Canadian fellow in NY and take him for a hot air balloon ride. It is wicked fun, from what I’ve been told…

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