A simple notion.

I Second that Emotion by Smokey Robinson

For some reason that song seemed to go well with this post. “If you’ve got the notion…” or in this case, the Notions Purse from the Purl Bee blog.


I made this for my friend Susan as a belated birthday gift. For a knitter it can hold those little notions we don’t want to misplace in our potential plethora of knitting carryalls. Pictures again by M Taylor Long.


The project was quick and satisfying. It forced me to crochet a little as well. The button is crocheted around a large stitch marker. It was a little awkward at first, but pretty satisfying in the end. I will probably make more buttons like this in the future, but the Clover stitch markers I used were flexible. I think something more stiff would work best, or possibly doubling them.

I don’t know what kind of yarn I used for the button (miscellaneous scrap), but the rest of the purse was made with Malabrigo Silky Merino. It’s glorious stuff. I still have some sock yarn from my last Christmas that I haven’t used. Be warned, the Alcaucil color is far more black than green, as it appears on their website. I don’t know if I’m into black socks, but I think they’ll make a beautiful lace pair one of these days. I think half the fun is making outlandishly colorful socks.

Still on the needles: simple stockinette socks for a friend with ginormous feet, Copper Penny socks in a baby blanket kind of colorway for me, and Ishbel in a rusty orange color for my friend Elaine. As these end and some needles are freed, I plan to get going on the Minimalist Cardigan, which I’ve had the yarn for since last summer, and some socks for the boy similar to these with my usual toe-up magic loop two-at-at-time treatment. Always thinking ahead.

And if you just want a laugh: Le Le – Breakfast

2 thoughts on “A simple notion.

  1. I second simple notions! Weeee! Best present ever. It will hold a plethora (“Jefe, would you say I have a plethora of pinatas?”) of non-knitting notions :).

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