Bibbity Bobbity!

Howdy.  This is my first attempt at providing a pattern for the knitting masses.  Thank you to my test knitting ladies for their input on the pattern. I didn’t have them test knit the small or large sizes, because I hadn’t written that into the pattern at the time, so please let me know if you find any errors so that I may correct them. You can send any pattern input to

Here is a pdf version: Bibbity Bobbity

All photos by M Taylor Long. This pattern may not be sold or used for profit without permission of the author. Please email me at for permissions.

6 thoughts on “Bibbity Bobbity!

  1. that hat looks great, however the overall fung-shway of the entire gig would be further enhanced by a pair of world-war-1 style fighter-pilot strap on goggles

  2. Oh shoot! Thanks for including me even though I completely sucked and didn’t give you any helpful advice! Where is my head these days? The hat looks great and congrats on your first pattern, which was totally awesome and fun to knit!

  3. That looks gorgeous, it’s gone in my queue too! Well done on your first pattern, I’ll be sure to give you feedback once I’m done – it’s a perfect skiing hat, and I’ll be road-testing mine out in the French Alps for you at the end of the month! 😀

  4. Thanks for also including me in the shout out…even though I didn’t input much. I don’t even have a finished hat to show! I still want to make it though…

  5. I’ve been looking for a cute earflap hat pattern for so long! Yaaay! : ) Thank you!

    p.s. Sorry for the heavy commenting, just discovered your blog so I’m slightly giddy with all the yummy stuff : )

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