Butterscotch and Chocolate

Two of my favorite pudding flavors also make lovely colors for the Ripley hat by Ysolda.

I used Ella Rae Kamelsoft for both of these hats.  The yarn develops a soft halo with some wear. The pattern is very easy to knit, but even on my fourth incarnation of the hat I was not totally satisfied with my garter stitch grafting. I think a garter stitch graft is always going to be a little imperfect, or maybe it’s just me. You can see for yourself in the second shot above.  Wooly Wormhead has a good analysis of grafting here.

I love the way the pattern builds slouch into the hat. I’ve made this hat four times so far. One for the gentleman pictured above, once for a friend, and twice for myself. The first butterscotch colored hat I made for myself had a run-in with an enthusiastic canine. I really didn’t mind re-knitting. This hat knits up very quickly.

I have been working on a fair isle hat design that I will be posting pics of soon for a preview, then shortly after that I’ll post the pattern here. I’m experimenting with different size options by changing the size of the needles so that I don’t have to change the chart or most of the numbers in pattern. It’s working well so far for the small and medium size. I’ll take on the large size later this week.

Does anyone else have trouble with Addi Clicks sticking? Several of the needles are very stubborn about detaching from the cords. I even had to give one set to my lys so they could send them in for me to be detached or replaced.

Excuse the picture heavy post – – I recently got a new camera and have been unable to stop taking pictures…

And because it’s not everyday that doggies have birthdays… Sandog is six!

6 thoughts on “Butterscotch and Chocolate

  1. Oh my god! I love the dog’s role in these pictures! These are so good. The hat’s wonderful. I keep wanting to knit more hats, but I hardly wear them because I’m always wearing a dorky helmet. Aw well. I owe you an email. Gonna get on that.

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