So long spring break.

I have been knitting. I promise. I lost steam on the Franny mittens to match the Zooey hat. I hope Zooey is faring well out in the world. I’m not receiving errata ridden emails, so I’m assuming that things are working well. The mittens are three quarters of the way done. They are currently keeping a pair of socks that I have finished (save binding off and maybe blocking) company in a vase near my front door. I’ve moved on to headbands.

Just a little seed stitch, and I am happily on my way to fully committing to being a hippie. I think I may try to make  a few different headband styles. It seems like a good spring and summer project. I used some self-striping Shibori. I think I may skim a bit off of my sock yarn stash if these become as addictive as I think they might.

I have been outside a lot lately. It feels wonderful to be in the warm sun and watch the baby baby plants begin their springtime awakening. The following is a slideshow of some recent outdoor adventures. Beware, there are many dog pictures, and each one may melt your heart a little more than the last. Proceed with caution.

Your Arkansas Flora and Fauna set

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more about “Arkansas Flora and Fauna“, posted with vodpod

One thought on “So long spring break.

  1. Aww I love the headband! I made a load of these the first time I went skiing, just to keep my hair back. I hadn’t thought of using sock yarn though, and I have some gorgeous Kaffe Fassett to start on! 😀

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