The Girl with the Purl Toes

I like simple socks.  I like a quarter mile of stockinette sometimes to subtly soothe my restless fingers and quell my frantic mind.  I like take socks with me everywhere, and I usually am knitting at least two pairs at once.  These particular socks I engineered from the toe-up, both at once, using the magic loop method.  To make them more interesting, I gave them purled toes.  I’m working on writing up a pattern for these socks, even though they are ridiculously simple.  I think the purled toe gives a little more wiggle room and makes the socks just a wee bit more interesting.  These were made using Koigu KPPM. The yarn was a gift from my Canadian friend, Greg.  I’ve had these finished for over 4 months, but had yet to take a picture of them.  It seems I have a lot of projects like that these days.

I am currently in the knitting midst of a sweater, two pairs of socks, two headbands, and probably some other lurking woolen beasts I’ve forgotten about.  School begins next week.  I don’t know if a more rigid schedule or a more lax one makes for more frequent blogging, so we shall see.  I begin my second year as a PhD student in counselor education.  In some ways I’m looking forward to all the activity and people, and bustle, but in others I will miss my often too quiet summer.  I am looking forward to cooler days, outdoor adventures, and reasons to finish cardigans quickly.

12 thoughts on “The Girl with the Purl Toes

  1. i love these socks! the color, the the purling around the toes, it all looks fantastic, cassy! i would love to learn to make socks like this!

  2. Purled toes/ brilliant. Such a simple design element. I may have to make my next pair of socks that way now 🙂

    Another “yay” for Fleet Foxes from me.

    • Stacey, Thanks! The increases on them going two at a time are a little tricky, but I’m getting the hang of it. Makes the variegated stockinette a little more interesting. Cassy

  3. Did you ever publish a pattern for these? I’m wondering if there’s anything special I need to learn/do to purl the toes in a toe-up sock pattern… Did you make the toes with short rows?

    • Jen, I did not write up this pattern. I mostly used a Knit Picks toe up socks pattern and altered the toes to be purled instead of knit. For the increases, I basically reversed M1L and M1R increases for the purl.

      For instance, on the right side (facing you) of the toe, you would put your needle between the first and second stitches and lift the bar from back to front, and purl into the back side of the stitch. It should be twisted and difficult to get into. If it’s not twisted and hard to get into, you’re not doing it correctly. This makes what I call a P1R (purl 1 right) and leans to the right on the purl side. It’s essentially just the opposite of a M1L.

      To do a P1L for the left side of your toe (facing you) you would insert your needle between the stitches and lift the bar from front to back and purl into the front side of the stitch, twisting it as you purl. This is a little easier to do than the P1R.

      I may eventually write up this pattern, but in the meantime, this should help you with the purl toes. I bet you can do short row toes and get a similar result, but I love the way these toes look and feel. Hope this helps!


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