Morning Vision

My Vision top from Rowan Magazine 49 is finished! I’ve worn it a couple of times now and finally got the chance to take some early morning shots like I wanted. This top is made out of Kidsilk Haze and is a fairly easy knit. The lace is the most fun part, and as long as you don’t have to take any out, the Kidsilk Haze is wonderful to work with.

Here is a shot of the back:

If I were to make this again, I think I would use a provisional cast on for the back, and use kitchener stitch to eliminate the back seam. It is helpful for lining up where to sew the other pieces to the body, but I don’t think that it’s totally necessary. I’m not sure I like how the seam looks. And yes, I am wearing a stitch marker in my ear.

I started this top last spring, and took a long hiatus as the weather grew too hot to think about touching mohair. It’s cooled significantly here in the South in the last few days as we finally got some rain and thunderstorms, and I’m so grateful. I’m not quite ready for fall weather yet, but a break from 106 degrees is more than welcome.

I’m still working on Liesl. It’s very easy with clever pocket construction. I had the wrong gauge and had to rip back almost 270 yards of Euroflax because I was reading the ROW gauge. Grrrr. I’m all caught up now and down to the last of three balls, so I’m hoping this one flys off the needles in time for school to start in about a week. I’ll be starting the 3rd year of my PhD program, and I want to look sharp.

Photos by Matthew Petty

131 thoughts on “Morning Vision

  1. Your top is so cute! I like yours better than I like the pic in the link you posted. The color is beautiful and it looks really pretty and wearable! I would hardly call it a top, but it’s a damn fine fancy vest! hehe

  2. This looks so awesome, Cassie! Wow, what a beautiful piece. I wouldn’t have the patience, but you really scored with this one. Nice work, as always!

  3. Very pretty! Love the dress you’re wearing under it too. 🙂 But that is a very interesting back and the construction seems pretty nifty. Gorgeous color.

  4. This is so cute! The construction of it is really unique. By the way I really loved the green top you were wearing when we met at Hand Held! Pattern?

  5. Oh, and…any ideas for cute little things to just add short flowy sleeves to outfits? All the little shrugs you can get in the stores are totally lame or totally lame colors. I don’t want to wear black and white with everything, you know?


  6. That style is something I would not wear myself, but the color is lovely and it looks as though it was difficult. A friend knitted me a hat once and told me it was the most complicated project she had ever done, which made me appreciate it all the more.

  7. Wow, I didn’t understand any of the knit “talk” but I love the outcome!! I love the colour choice, and I’m amazed that you can knit such unique and funky things!!

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  9. Wow, that takes dedication and effort to make something like this? Anyway, the hard work is worth it and nice! Good luck for your 3rd year. By the way, what are you majoring in for your PhD?

  10. What a beautiful and different piece. You’re inspiring me to go back to my beautiful wools and get creative again. If I knew how to fix mistakes more easily, I would be completely hooked on knitting. Great style!

  11. I absolutely LOVE the color! It reminds me of fall :). I am such a fan of fly-aways and vests that I can totally see myself wearing this! I like how the back twists…very fashionable.

  12. Interesting design. I always buy my clothes based on their designs – if it looks too close anything else I have, I pass. Yours is very unique but I think as one commenter said, it’s more vest than top.

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  14. Hey Cassy, really very nice work and post by you……………. actually some person has something different talent and you are one of them,I mean so many bloggers here around but everyone is so unique!!
    Again great post……!!

  15. You’ve inspired me to get back on my Christmas knitting! I must start now if I’m to finish everything in time. Love your posts; keep them coming! (I taught myself to knit many many years ago during MY Ph.D. program! And I’m still knitting! And I finished my Ph.D. too.)

  16. That is such a lovely top. It is beautifully knitted. And a lovely colour. I always loved knitting. Must get back to knitting again. Very well done to you. the twist at the back looks very difficult

  17. Wow that’s really cool! I don’t have the patience for knitting, but I absolutely love sweaters. I love other knits too, but I’m particularly addicted to cardigans.
    Congrats on being freshly pressed!

  18. Oh, this is so gorgeous! I have been wanting to learn how to knit for ages. I crochet already and have been making up a ton of stuff. There are so many more patterns for knitting than for crocheting, which is why I want to learn how. You inspire me!

  19. Oh, this is so gorgeous! I have been wanting to learn how to knit for ages. I crochet already and have been making up a ton of stuff. There are so many more patterns for knitting than for crocheting, which is why I want to learn how. You inspire me!

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      • Yes, I have seen them on-line, but was worried that the multi-colored yarn wouldn’t highlight the pattern enough. What do you think? Thanks!

      • Barbara, I think a solid would highlight the lace much better than a multi. Most of the time when I’m doing something where the stitches are doing most of the “talking” like a fancy cable or lace, I let the yarn be more simple and go with something solid or maybe a kettle dyed semi solid. It’s just a matter of personal preference. I think if you want the people to pay more attention to the lace than the yarn, keep the yarn as a solid. Cassy

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