The Unexpected Hat

I have a love for slouchy hats. This one especially feels almost like a hug from a bunny, as the Classic Elite Yarns Fresco yarn knits up super-soft. I re-knitted and tested the yarn until I could get it the way I wanted with only one skein of Fresco, so it’s  a pretty inexpensive project to make.  It was inspired by the pilot of Unexpected Life. I stopped watching the show (though the main character had some awesome head gear) and started looking for a pattern. When I didn’t find one, I just made my own. The pattern has some fun techniques. I use the Italian Tubular Cast On and you get practice making a 3-row buttonhole. Of course, the button is primarily decorative, so some might choose to forgo the buttonhole and just KNIT. I used this as a pattern in my Continental knitting class at Hand Held over the last few Saturdays, and it seemed to go over really well. 

This is available for sale on Ravelry and also at Hand Held Knitting in Fayetteville, AR.

14 thoughts on “The Unexpected Hat

  1. This turned out really awesome, I love it! Looks so soft, too. I might have to knit one for myself! (not that I don’t already have a million hats!)

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