Koigu KPPPM is one of my favorite fibers to knit with. I fell in love with it the first time I saw the eye catching colorways, and the feel in your fingers as you knit with it is no less amazing.

Thus far, I have mostly used it for socks, and I have made a few blanket squares for a Barn Raising Quilt that will be a whole blanket someday. Most of the time I knit with this yarn on size 0 (2mm) needles for socks. I have a fairly loose tension, so I like to knit with smaller needles for more durable socks. This particular beginning is the start of a Pinwheel Blanket from Knitalong. Knitalong is one of my favorite knitting books. It’s filled with beautiful projects as well as heartwearming stories to go with them.

I’m making this blanket out of the colorway P140. This yarn had been sitting at Hand Held for over a year or so, waiting to become something. I’m knitting this on size 3 (3mm) needles. It’s lofty and lusciously squishy on this size needle. I think it will be perfect for a baby blanket. Koigu also happens to be superwash, so that lends it to easier care. The parents of this baby do not read my blog (I’m pretty sure) so I think it’s safe to post a preview. I love how the colors are developing as it gets larger. This pattern is very simple and makes a nice soothing knit. I could probably do it in the dark if I used stitch markers.

I can almost smell fall. It feels full of inspired beginnings.

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