Summer Slice

Summer is coming to an end. Many knitters rejoice in this since we get to pull out our delicious wools to knit with or wear. I am a fan of summer, and though it has been an intensely hot one, I’m still sad to part with it. As a Labor Day holiday/end of summer gift, I have a FREE sock pattern! I call this pattern Summer Slice. The lace reminds me of a slice of watermelon, but really it could be any luscious summer fruit.

I used Classic Elite Summer Sox in Seagrass (for the toes and cuff) and Coral for the rest. The fit is customized as you go, so you can use your preferred sock needle size and different yarns as well. I think the lace would look best with other solid or semi-solid yarns. The lace is a 12-row repeat that becomes somewhat intuitive after a few times. The socks are constructed two at a time, using the magic loop method, from the toe up. This is my favorite method of knitting socks. I love the satisfaction of finishing both at a time.

You can find the pattern on Ravelry here. Hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

Photos taken by my awesome bf, Matthew Petty.

24 thoughts on “Summer Slice

  1. Amazing, they’re so juicy and wonderful, thank you for the pattern I’m just starting on my knitting journey and these are so great I just want to make them at once:)

    • Usually a slipped stitch heel is the strongest kind of heel. It might not be necessary to reinforce, but you could add reinforcing sock yarn alongside the yarn on the heel if you wish.

  2. I’ve been looking at a lot of sock patterns, and this is my favorite one yet! Love the colors, and am looking forward to the challenge of trying the magic loop method.

  3. I am confused. on page two of the pattern, it says make heel flap before turning the heel. How is this possible on a toe up sock. Also, where is the increases for the gusset? Am I reading this pattern all wrong? Please explain.

    • You make a heel flap, then turn the heel and pick up stitches for the gusset. There are no gusset increases. The gusset it decreased. Try it out.

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  5. wow, so glad I ‘found’ you. I just finished knitting my first pair of socks: toe-up, magic loop, two-at-a-time. And I’ve already got a second pair on the needles! I think I’m hooked.

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