Shine on you crazy diamonds.

This project post is long overdue. I finished this at least a month ago. I put off the seaming for about a month after I finished the knitting, and that took me at least 6 hours. Eeesh. This may be why I avoid seams so much! I think I could have done a little bit better on the mattress seam on the back, but I can live with it.

The pattern is called Shine by Grace Melville, and was published in Rowan Studio 20. I did not like the idea of knitting it out of solely cotton, as I thought it would sag too much over time (but maybe not with the seams), and plant fibers wear out my hands faster. Instead, I used Amy Butler Belle Organic DK, which is a delightfully springy half cotton, half wool blend. Hopefully I will be able to wear this as a dress in the fall and winter, and layered with a thin long sleeved shirt and tights and boots in the winter.

This is the largest project I think I have completed. I’m pretty happy with it. Other than a yarn change, I didn’t make any modifications to the pattern. I made the small size and used 8.5 balls of the Belle Organic DK. Maybe I’ll make some arm warmers to match for the winter…

The yarn seems like it might have a tendency to get fuzzy over time. It does come in a wide array of bright and fun colors, and the cotton/wool blend might lend it to a multitude of different projects.

I’m thrilled that I will finally get to go to Rhinebeck this year, for at least one of the days. I’m visiting and East Coast friend, and traveling to NYC with my fella, and luckily I’ve persuaded them that the sheep and wool fest is a good place to be. We’ll probably check out some of the Occupy Wall Street goings on as well. Hooray for fall break!

16 thoughts on “Shine on you crazy diamonds.

  1. Oh my gosh, Cassy, you are the darn cutest!!! Also, I can’t believe this knit! It’s amazing, LOVE the back!
    Congrats on going to Rhinebeck, I never made it when I lived on the East Coast. I can’t wait to see you blogging it up about your trip. Have fun! xo

  2. Great knit. Shows off your ass really well. 😉

    I’m envious of you women who can actually find and/or make knitted clothing for you to wear. There is jack out there for men (unless you can make your own patterns). Well, jack in seamless top-down anyway (I hate seaming).

    • Eesh…I hesitate to make that kind of estimate. Maybe 50 hours with seaming? I knit continental (yarn in left hand), which I hear is a little faster because you have to do less movement on the knit stitch, but I know many people who knit English style and are super speedy. Everyone is a little different. I work on several projects at once usually, so it’s hard to tell how long something takes me. Wish I could be more accurate. Cassy

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