Socktober is finito!

Behold the glory of the finished Bacchus Socks. I was flipping through old Interweave magazines a couple of months ago and stumbled upon these. I was shocked to see a pattern I loved that was already toe up, and I couldn’t resist the cables. I’ve been in a picture-forming cable frame of mind for awhile now. When my LYS got Tosh Sock in Twig I felt like it was the perfect yarn for this project. I don’t normally make many neutral colored pairs of socks, but this one called to me.

I changed the pattern slightly. I prefer gusseted heels with nice reinforced heel flaps, so I did this instead of the short row heels. I was happily plugging along with the pattern, until I realized I would have to change the cable to make it look like it should on the sides. I improvised a bit, but since I was doing both socks at once, magic loop, it was easy to mirror them. I also continued the rib as it was throughout most of the body, rather than changing it at the cuff. I liked the continuity of the design better. To be honest, sometimes when given a lace or cable pattern I just use that and stick it into my usual way of making socks. It makes me happy.

The cable pattern was easy to follow and kept me interested. I started these socks a few days into October, but they had to share my hands with about 5 other ongoing or quick projects I knitted on this month. This is the first time I have legitimately participated in a Socktober event. I usually am always knitting on some kind of socks though. I still have 2 pairs on the needles…

Next up is NaKniSweMo! I’m really excited about this because I want to knit more sweaters, and I like the motivation of a KAL to make me finish. I was still trying to decide between this gem and this one. I have the patterns and yarn ready for both. I think I’m going to go with the Still Light Tunic. It’s fingering weight, and miles of stockinette, but lately I’ve found that stockinette is great to study with when I have to read, as long as I have articles/books on a book stand. It helps me stay focused. I also have two other cardigans nearly done and haunting me.

More finished knits to come as well as yarn pics for the NaKniSweMo project after I sleep on it for one more night. Happy Halloween!

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