Thar she grows.

It’s day 13 of NaKniSweMo and I’m feeling totally confident about being able to finish in time, or possibly even this week. As I was working on the increases, each row became painstakingly long and I feared that I was making no progress. Friday night I was able to set aside the 122 stitches for the pockets (see indentions in pictures) and now this baby is FLYING.

I’m at least 4.5 inches into the last 10 before the bottom ribbing. Even though this is my second blog post for the day (which feels strongly like a procrastination tactic…ahem, school) I felt I should post today at the time of the picture to show the accurate level of progress.

I’ve had a few days where I wore my hands out with trying to knit too fast, or just knit too long. I think I’ve been going off and on for at least 6 hours or so today, and everything feels pretty good. Maybe this is all just making my hands stronger.

I’m now feeling confident that this tunic will make it to a couple of Thanksgiving gatherings. I just won’t take it off when it’s done…

The leaves and light were being cooperatively pretty and it was a gorgeous 70 degrees out today. I probably should have spent less time knitting. Oh well. You can’t stop progress.

7 thoughts on “Thar she grows.

  1. Lordy,Lordy! If I could finish something as quickly as u finished the sweater,It would be a miracle!!!! Well to be truthful I could have devoted the day to finishing a project ,but it was warm enough outside to rake.

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