When Black Friday comes, put your Tuxedos on.

Make yourself some socks instead of shop! Or shop for sock yarn…no judgement. This Black Friday I’m releasing Tuxedo. This pattern is a toe up lace sock, done two at a time and magic loop for the sock adventurer. The sizing is custom as you go. I love knowing all of the elements that go into sizing a sock, and these type of custom patterns are helpful for that learning process. You better understand the construction of the whole piece when it’s over.

The lace is a very simple repeat that you can easily memorize, and it is stretchy enough to accomodate several foot widths. You can also add additional stitches on the leg and continue until you are able to use all of your sock yarn.

I made these out of Malabrigo Sock, aka deliciously buttery merino, in a color called Alcaucil. This color is shown as a dark green on their site, but it actually appears to be much more black in person. Regardless of the color differences, the yarn is heaven to knit touch while you knit.

The pattern is available on Ravelry. You can read more about it here or but it directly by clicking on this button:

Photos by Matt Petty.

9 thoughts on “When Black Friday comes, put your Tuxedos on.

  1. They are really, really nice. 😀

    I have started on my very first “pattern” for socks (apart from the “normal” one my granny taught me) and hope that I won’t end up having a hysterical fit and throwing wool and needles agains the wall.

    I wish you a lot of buyers for this pattern! And a nice weekend, too. 😉

  2. beautiful socks – love the stitch pattern! it looks perfect for nearly solid hand dyeds and based on your description will work well for commuter knitting too (always a bonus in my book).

    hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  3. I just really love the little details on these sweater dresses. Cassy, Why do you think they don’t make these dresses for sale in the store? Is it because it’s too labor intensive to make? Is it because there is no mass market? I

    I like the little details. They pique such an interest on the wearer, why something like that is there.

    • Joanna, I would say they are just WAY too labor intensive to make. Even the simple stockinette ones I’ve done take probably between 40-70+ hours. They’re wonderful when they’re done though! But for a knitter to get paid for that kind of time…maybe as little as 10 dollars an hour plus the cost of the materials means at least 500 dollars or more for a dress. Most people also don’t want to pay that, so I think the market is also more scarce. Hand made goods are wonderful things though. Cassy

  4. Beautiful Cassy! I am not quite up to making socks yet, but would love to have just the stitch pattern for the lace part for a blanket square. Would you be willing to share this?
    Thanks, HennaLadyKim

    • If I was referencing a lace pattern book, I would gladly share the reference. Since the stitch pattern is an original for me (as far as I can tell) I’m not willing to share just the lace portion since that feels like giving away my work for free. I’m sorry if that disappoints. The pattern is $4 on Ravelry, which is less than a fancy cup of coffee. 🙂

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