Liesl: Still lovely.


I don’t repeat a lot of knitting patterns, other than for the purpose of testing my own pattern making skills. Usually I quickly become enamored with something else and move on. Most of the time I find it hard to be monogamous to one pattern at a time, but don’t tell that to my drawer of UFOs… I often say that I will only have one man, so I might as well have as many knitting projects as I want. Liesl by Julie Weisenberger seemed worthy of making twice.


Here is my first version where I ham it up in some photos at 7am at my favorite local park. My new Liesl is also made from Euroflax Sportweight, this time in the color Aqua. I am constantly and predictably drawn to most things aqua, aquamarine, seafoam, and various shades of turquoise. I wanted to make things out of this color of Euroflax last year, but it was on back order.


Again, excuse the mannequin pics. I’m not sure why coordinating pictures for the blog has seemed so difficult lately, but I believe this will abate as my school duties wane for a couple of months. If you miss my dorky face, please click the link above.

This pattern is simple enough for a beginner, mindless enough for those of us that like to read and knit, and the finished product looks stunning on many different body types. This is a garment I have been wearing weekly in the warm months. Linen is also such a durable fiber that I can’t imagine it wearing out. It just seems to get softer and better with each turn in the washer and dryer.

Speaking of reading and knitting…I need a new stockinette or garter project. I’ve been devouring A Feast for Crows, but I find myself reading less as I am getting to the sleeve/shoulder decreases on my Honeybee Cardigan. I’m not enough of a badass to read and do lace at the same time. The lace on this cardigan is fun and intuitive after one or two repeats. I highly recommend it. I think a good, semi-mindless project could be this Four Corners Baby Blanket from Purl Bee. For some reason I’ve never done intarsia, but this seems like a good place to start. I love the clean and modern design. I think it would make an excellent adult blanket (upsized of course) too.

6 thoughts on “Liesl: Still lovely.

  1. Man, I am really thinking I need to hop onto the Liesel bandwagon…

    And I love love love that blanket! It seems really cool, and the area of the color join is so nifty!

  2. I have a really hard time reading and knitting at the same time so I am very jealous of your ability to do this! How do you keep the book open / your knitting out of the way of your reading?

    I’ve found that most of my intarsia projects take way more concentration than I really like to give, so I will give you a virtual high-five if you are able to read and do intarsia at the same time 🙂

    And finally, I love your new Liesel! I read your blog regularly but never comment, but love your style so I thought I finally should!

  3. I love the color on this version of Liesl. And I’m guess I’m not the only one who picks projects that I can read while knitting, especially when reading George R. R. Martin books :c)

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