Creating curves.

I’m creating curves all over the place, both in my knitting work and my baby growing work. This knitted work in progress is the Curve Hem Top by Vicki Square, in the most recent Spring/Summer issue of Vogue Knitting. The knit is simple to execute and proved mindless enough to let me absorb myself in reading at the same time. There are a few corrections to the pattern, so if you make this top, be sure to check first.

I started the back last Friday morning and finished it yesterday morning. I got a piddly start on the front yesterday. Even though it is very simple, the minimal counting involved in the short rows threw me a bit at knit night at Hand Held last night. I’m hoping to fly through the front and be able to wear this before my belly has curved to a point that won’t allow it.

Speaking of curves…as I have mentioned before, it’s tiresome how many people freely comment on my changing body with no filter. At 6 months along (or any point), I do not want to be told I look so big that I should be having twins, even if that’s what you think. This is my first pregnancy. I’m already freaking out about putting on pounds and pounds. I’m eating healthfully 90 percent of the time and I’m walking nearly every day. I’m growing a freaking human, m’kay? I just wanted to put that out there, because even though the people that say these things most likely do not have ill intentions, I’m not always brave enough to point out their rudeness in person. But believe me, a couple more comments, and I’ll be there. This is nothing new for pregnant women, I’m sure. It’s just annoying.

Have I mentioned that I love my Signature Needles? I bought some of these for myself for Christmas. I bought all circular needles with the stiletto points in a 40″ size, since I do a lot of magic loop for circular projects. I adore the tip. It makes lace knitting, like that on my WIP Honeybee Cardigan a snap. Sometimes I wish the cord had just a little less flexibility, but I’d definitely choose this amount to the stiffness of Addis for magic loop. The only issue I’ve had is that the cords on some of my needles have stopped rotating in the needle socket. This is a feature that the company and many customers laud. I sent back a couple of needles to replace when the needle would not rotate on the cord. They happily replaced them and said sometimes you have to work with them to get this to relax. I’ve noticed on a couple of other needles that they used to rotate, but they have since gotten stuck. I guess if this bothers me I’ll send them in again, or maybe they will relax. Overall, these needles are sensational. The points and the light aluminum and more flexible cord seem to help with hand fatigue quite a bit. I definitely noticed that I was able to knit for a longer time on the Liesl (with stiff linen) this time around. Last time I used Addis.

I plan to knit up as much of the front as I can this weekend, while also attending some friendly festivities to celebrate a great friend’s 30th birthday. Welcome to my decade, Kathleen. Happy weekend, everyone else!

4 thoughts on “Creating curves.

  1. I hated that people feel the need to comment on the size of a pregnant woman’s belly. You wouldn’t comment if she wasn’t pregnant, so why is it any less rude, when she is.

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