I completely forgot that I had knitted this and hadn’t documented it anywhere yet. I can’t even remember now if I mentioned it on the blog. It was started and finished pretty quickly, so the details are a blur. The pattern is Lolita by Jamie Thomas. The pattern is very straightforward and easy to follow. The lace takes no time at all to memorize. I don’t remember having a single issue with it.

I used Tussah Silk, by Sublime, in Mulberry (color 264). This yarn has the most gorgeous sheen. That doesn’t show at all in my pictures, but it’s fantastic in person. It’s half silk, half viscose. The viscose part of the yarn has a tendency to snag on things, so I have to be careful about bumping into sharp edges (but shouldn’t I be careful of that anyway?) and watch that it doesn’t get fuzzy on me. I’m not sure if I would use it again. The sheen makes it look amazing, but the feel is not particularly special, and the snagging bugs me.

I’m headed to Little Rock for my fella’s high school reunion. Have a great weekend everyone!

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