Sock yarn saved!

I would like to give a HUGE THANKS to Andrea from Life on Laffer for her amazing untangling skills. Remember this pic with the insanely tangled Koigu from my UFO drawers? She volunteered to untangle it for me. At first I thought she was some kind of crazy glutton for punishment and that there was no way she was going to be successful with this. I tried and gave up about a year ago, and before I sent off the skein my fiance tried for about two hours. We were both beyond frustrated. Well… she turned it into this:

Koigu, untangled, washed, and re-hanked.

The woman is a genius. Andrea, I’m truly grateful. She saved my Koigu sock yarn. That’s sacred in my book. I was originally using it for these socks, but I think it will become something more exciting now, since it’s been reborn anew with Andrea’s touch.

For the curious souls, I don’t have my original label for this yarn, after studying Koigu’s site, I strongly suspect this is color P327S. I have no idea if they’re still dyeing it, or where to get it, but since it’s still showing on their site, you might be able to find it somewhere.

9 thoughts on “Sock yarn saved!

  1. I need to learn her ways! I have a sweater quantity of horribly tangled yarn that needs sorting out. Gorgeous Koigu!

  2. All it took was one afternoon episode of Grey’s Anatomy and voila! I’m glad it’s been saved and can now become something awesome 🙂

  3. how lovely of Andrea … it’s heartening to know there are such generous people in the world! a gorgeous story and thank you for posting it!

  4. This is incredible! It’s like a knitting legend (that time your friend’s friend totally untangled her yarn, so definitely don’t chuck it) that has come true. Pick your new pattern wisely – not everyone gets such a lovely second chance!

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