Moved (mostly).

I’m hanging in there this week, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be less stressful than last week. Matt and I had a big surprise when we went to see the doctor on Tuesday and she said I’m already 3-4 cm dilated and 70 percent effaced, so the baby could come at any time now. We were not prepared for that kind of statement, and after our heads nearly exploded we went into panic prep mode. We packed the bags for the hospital, and ran a few of the remaining baby-related errands, while taking turns melting into stress puddles. The doctor said to rest as much as possible to avoid early labor. I am doing this diligently, though I’m back at work today. I work in a library, at a quiet desk, so I think this will be ok. I also have talked to my boss about working from home if need be for some of the remaining two weeks of my contract. I’ll be 37 weeks next Monday, so I’m just hoping for full term at this point.

We also completed 98% of the move on Saturday and Sunday. My parents were a tremendous help with this. My dad and Matt moved all of the things that the movers did not, and my mom cleaned almost the entire house much better than I would have done even when not in this condition. I don’t know how we would have done it without them. While the movers were there getting the furniture, my mom and I escaped to a new local creperie for some peace. I worked on these:

The yarn is Regia, in the World Ball Color series. The colors are supposed to represent Argentina. At my LYS we had Argentina or Germany, and I opted for the blue and white. These will be a gift for my brother. I’m almost certain he doesn’t read my blog, so I think it’s safe to mention that here. He is the one with the size 13 feet. I’m still looking for precise toe to heel and toe to front of ankle bone measurements if anyone has them, cm preferred. Otherwise, I’ve seen online that the total foot length for size 13 feet is approximately 11.69 inches. Yipes!

In the limited things I could do for packing, one of them was discarding old spices from the spice shelves. I threw 2/3 of them away, gleefully. The tin above had a sticker on it from 1974. Time for that mustard to be retired, don’t you think? I kept the tin, because I think it’s kind of neat. Matt inherited that from his grandma. I would swear that most of his spices were probably almost that old, so they went straight into the bin. I’m really enjoying throwing things out and donating them lately. Catharsis!

I finished my latest Tuxedos, but I haven’t had a spare moment or proper floor space to photograph them yet. They’re coming soon…

If you’re participating in the Ravellenic Games, good luck! I couldn’t add one more thing to my plate, but if I finish those size 13 socks by the end of the Olympics I’m going to feel special anyway.

13 thoughts on “Moved (mostly).

  1. Exciting! I had our first baby in April and he came at 37 weeks. I had my baby shower, then he arrved 4 days later! I was like you… I was 5 cm and didn’t even know what was up; DH made me go get checked because I had very mild cramping. Arthur arrived later that evening! I hope you can make it another week and good luck!

  2. Good luck! I am happy to read that you’ve got so much help, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you three.

    The Argentinia-colourway looks very nice – I’ve seen the German colourway, because it is also sold here (surprise!), but who in the name of … you know … would wear socks in black and red and yellow?!? Then rather blue and white striped socks …

    Cassy? May I ask a favour of you? May I put you on my blogroll in my knitting blog, please?

  3. It somehow came as a shock to me at the end of my first pregnancy that a baby actually appeared. I mean, I knew it would happen, but there was a certain unreality about it until he was actually born. Suddenly, I was someone’s mother, and it was my job to keep him alive! That baby is turning 30 in January. I have enjoyed it all, from infancy to young adulthood. The help and support from family is terrific, so glad you have it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Little person decides they want to be coming out sooner than expected, huh? ๐Ÿ™‚ Perfect timing with the move and everything. Good luck and remember to relax as much as possible.
    BTW-socks looks fantastic so far!

  5. I’m such a sucker for striped socks.

    (Will totally admit that I might have cleaned out that mustard tin and used it to store something, but I’m also a sucker for old tins and jars…)

  6. My head nearly exploded for you when you said you were already dilated. I’m pretty sure I said, “Yikes!” Part of me is over the whole pregnancy thing. It’s not really fun anymore. The other part of me is thinking, ‘this kid will wait until September 2nd if he knows what’s good for him.’

  7. Aha! I wondered if the time between posts was just because of your move or due to an impatient baby โ€“ย mystery solved. Definitely take it easy for the next few weeks, and hang out in the a/c as much as possible!

  8. Wow, you are amazing doing everything that you’re doing with baby on the way soon! I’m on the same page as you as far as getting rid of things goes. We’re not moving, but we’ve arranged and re-arranged pretty much everything in our tiny apartment so it almost feels like we are. I love purging my space of clutter and things that are just sitting around that other people could use. Wishing you the best these next few weeks!

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