Introducing Zooey Alice Petty, definitely my best work ever.


She came almost an entire month early! We moved the day before she got here. In the afternoon of the 30th my water broke (or at least we thought because it wasn’t a big gush) and we went to the hospital to check it out. They said it was amniotic fluid, and that means the baby is coming that day. And she arrived on the 31st.


We’re exhausted, but very happy. She was 6 pounds, 3 oz and is doing very well. I might be distracted from knitting and blogging for a bit, but I’ll be back.

39 thoughts on “Baby!

  1. congratulations to you, lady, and your man, on your new little lady! i can’t wait to get the chance to meet her! speaking from a place of zero experience, taking time away from the blog and (gasp) knitting to spend time with your little one seems like just about the best thing 🙂 hope you all are getting some sleep!

  2. Oh my goodness! Congratulations! She is a beauty! While I’m so excited for you, this makes me a little nervous. I need Baby Luscious to hang in there one more month…

  3. Eek! Oh my goodness, what a little darling. Congratulations to you and Matt! Oh, she is just scrumptious. And what a great name. This is just the greatest!

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