I coulda been a contender!

Oh, if only I had said I was competing in the Ravellenic Games! I started these on July 27th and I finished them this evening around 7 pm. I don’t know when exactly the Olympics ended, but I had to be close to making the timeline on both ends. I didn’t think I had a chance of competing because we were moving, I had summer school, and the baby came early.

These socks are for my baby brother (who’s actually 28 now). He and his girlfriend were visiting from Minnesota today and came to see the newest member of the family. I was about an inch or two from starting the heel flap last week and I decided I was comfortable enough with the baby routine to start knitting again. I flew as fast as I could, hoping to be able to finish them by the time he visited. I made it.

I cast off about a half an hour before they planned to leave. I made him put them on and go outside to model them. I did pretty well with the sizing for not asking his foot size until I was turning the heel about two days ago. I finally broke down and called him. It ruined the surprise, but they weren’t for any special occasion. I had it almost right on the sizing. I should have started the heel turn slightly before I did. I think he likes them, and they will serve him well in Minnesota.

I made him do all of the usual adorable foot poses. Ha. The yarn is Regia in the World Ball color series. The colorway is Argentina. This yarn is very durable and has a 10 year guarantee according to the label. That’s pretty promising for sock yarn. It’s not the softest sock yarn in the world, but I can vouch for the two pairs I’ve made for myself with this yarn–it’s hardwearing. It will always be in my sock knitting repertoire.

Oh, and did I mention these are size 13 feet?! Thank goodness for the generous yardage in the Regia (460 yds).

9 thoughts on “I coulda been a contender!

  1. They’re great! And you deserve a medal for you patience … i still have to knit the second sock for a friend who’s feet are 30cm(!) long … Longer than any of the guys in my family. But she’s great, so I obey. 😉

  2. They look awesome. Whenever I knit something for my brother and we’re in the same state together, I make him try it on for photos. It’s the price of receiving a handknit item.

  3. For some reason, these socks strike me as very Seussian, which is not my usual reaction to stripes, so I can’t explain it. They are great, though. I hope he cuddled the baby while you cast you off and wove in the ends!

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