Baby feet!

Tiny baby limbs are a great canvas for leftover sock yarns. Even though these are teeny tiny, it still took me a good part of two days to do them in my free time. I think my free time is waning…but I guess that’s to be expected as Z grows.

These are an itty bitty bit to big in the toes, and she’ll probably outgrow them in five more seconds, but they’re cute anyway.

11 thoughts on “Baby feet!

  1. The socks are adorable!

    You’ve inspired me to knit a pair (or two) to give my friend, along with the blanket I’ve already make. I’d thought about knitting booties, but the socks are so cute that I’ll have to make them instead. 🙂

    A belated congratulations on your new arrival- I’m a regular reader but an irregular commentator…

  2. Adorable! Not only are they a great way to use up leftovers, but also a great way to try out some new colour combos. I love the green and purple!

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