Armed, but not dangerous.

My Featherweight Cardigan has arms. The sleeves only took a few days, and I’m on to the last part. I have about three inches of collar to go, then I’ll weave in the ends.

Right now I’ve only got this and the tail on the needles. Maybe I should cast on a hat…or a shawl

14 thoughts on “Armed, but not dangerous.

  1. This is so exciting! I’m about to finish a sleeve on my current pullover WIP so one more sleeve to go! The shawl pattern is beautiful!

  2. It looks great! Are you doing a garter stitch collar too? I can’t tell in the picture. I’m currently working on my second and third featherweights, each with different finishes (cuffs, hem & collar).

  3. Cassie
    I am wanting to knit the featherweight cardigan. I am not excited about all the stitches of will have to pick up when making the ribbing. I was wondering if you knit your collar at the same time on the about blue sweater or if you picked up stitchespecially? Thanks Julie

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