Birthday Bell Flower Boogies

The Bell Flower Boogie socks for my aunt are finished! Today is her birthday and she has received them in the mail already, so I can freely post about the finished project. Happy Birthday to my Aunt Susi!

I used some Regia Silk and followed most of the instructions diligently except for using my customary heel flap. I stopped the socks at the number of repeats described in the pattern because I had to get them in the mail the next day to make sure they got to my aunt on time. They got there a day early, despite Columbus Day. Hooray for mail efficiency!

I liked this pattern quite a bit. It was well written and written to go toe-up (always a bonus in my opinion). The lace is simple enough for a first lace project. I think it would be a beautiful application to a hat or shawl as well.

Aside from these socks…I decided to do Tern for my Socktober socks. I’m loving the simplicity and elegance of this little cable pattern, but I’m second guessing my sizing a lot. I’ll post a pic in the next couple of days.

And the Featherweight is being bound off today! It’s much more of a challenge to get pictures away from the house with the bebe, since Matt is the one that usually takes my pictures, so I’ll probably just pose in the living room.

If you’re wondering about the mermaid tail, it has not been forgotten and has grown up quite a bit since those Ravelry pics. I’m still debating how long to make it. It seems really wide for her, but I’m going to put elastic in the top and she wears cloth diapers, which make her booty huge, so I think it will work out.

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