Fall Featherweight

My second Featherweight has been done for about a week. I did not block this (gasp!) because it looked ok when I finished it and I wanted to wear it immediately.

I think in parenthood you learn to compromise some perfectionist notions. For example, it doesn’t bother me that the sweater looks a little wrinkled in the back in the photo above because I had it jammed in a bag for a couple of days. That just means I like it enough to carry it around with me as a just-in-case layer.

I am struggling a little to be cool with the post-baby body for the time it takes me to get back to something I’m more used to. Matt keeps reminding me that it hasn’t been even three months (because he’s awesome) and I’m trying to be patient with the process. I freely admit that in my meager self-time I don’t choose to exercise very often. I choose to KNIT, so this could take a bit longer.

Seymour very graciously accompanied me in several photos. He’s very sociable and has even charmed the mail lady. I’ve seen her stop and talk to him before. What a charmer.

Oh? Did you want to hear about the knitting? Ha. The yarn details are on this page. This is my second of these sweaters. I prefer it in a sock weight, but the lace weight one is also very handy and a perfect lighter layer. I enjoy knitting in the sock weight more because the yarn had more spring and it was a more comfortable knit. I did garter stich for the collar, bottom, and cuffs because I wanted this to be an autopilot kind of knit.

Now I’ve got to get some knitting in before Z’s morning nap is over…

10 thoughts on “Fall Featherweight

  1. I would not look at the back of your sweater and think “wrinkled.” I’d just assume you had been sitting down. (When I’m in a hurry, I frequently do not iron the backside of some of my shirts [unless they’re REALLY wrinkly] – as they’re going to wrinkle up anyway when I get in the car!)

  2. I think you look lovely. That colour is so perfect for this time of year, when all the colours seem to deepen, and it suits you to a T. No muss, no fuss, but still stylish. Perfect for a new mom 🙂

  3. Lovely cardigan, fantastic colour. You look great, best bit advice a friend gave was it takes 9 months to make a baby, so not to worry if it took a year to get my figure back, I certainly didnot look as good as you, enjoy you baby.

  4. Great job. Love the colour (have I said that before?). As a first time mum you are doing heaps! My “baby” is 7 (nearly 8) and I don’t exercise much either! As long as you & z are happy & healthy.

  5. This looks gorgeous! I LOVE the color– it really turned out nicely! And dude, you look great! You only just had the baby– I’m guessing she keeps you pretty occupied!

  6. Just found your blog today and Love the Name of it!

    I, too, do not, well have never, um, blocked my work. I’m a kind of knit-and-wear girl when it comes to my inconsistent knitting hobby.

    Looking forward to seeing what you post next…

  7. Having a baby leaves us recalibrating self image and identity, and expanding our sense of self to encompass ourselves as nurturers responsible for a beautiful and brand new life. You look great! And your sweater is gorgeous!

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