When you need to scratch an itch.

While waiting for my NaKniSweMo yarn to arrive, I had to cast on a couple of things to quell my knitting needs.

I finished the Garter Yoke Baby Cardi. It was a quick knit that I didn’t have to think about much. It’s still a bit big for Z right now, so I’ll show a modeled shot when it fits her a little better. I’m hoping it will make it into some of the colder parts of winter since she grows like a weed!

I don’t know if buttons in general are frowned upon for babies, but I made them really secure and I plan to check them often. Maybe I’ll try some velcro one of these days…

I also cast on a Vintage Pixie Cap with the leftover Jitterbug from Z’s Tiny Rocky Coast.

I weighed the yarn and I think I have plenty left. I’m nearly at the decreases, so she should be able to wear it in a couple of days. If this hat doesn’t get me through until my NaKniSweMo yarn arrives I’ll be casting on some plain stockinette socks to get me by.

5 thoughts on “When you need to scratch an itch.

  1. Oh, no, never velcro on anything knitted! The teeth will grab the yarn and it will get fuzzy and awful. I think buttons are fine as long as they’re sewn on tightly. If you’re worried, though, you could try i-cord ties or snaps.

    That is a totally adorable cardigan. I love it in the variegated yarn and can’t wait to see Z wearing it!

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