Breezy stockinette

I guess I just don’t get tired of stockinette, or Hannah Fettig sweaters for that matter. Since binding off the Rocky Coast I cast on some stockinette socks and a Breezy Cardigan .

breezy prog

I devoured The Hobbit on my iPad while I knitted a bunch of this. It makes me sad to read quickly sometimes, at least with good fiction, because I wish I had a couple hundred more pages to go. When it comes to school reading, the faster the better usually.

Zooey approves of this project. I’m using Hazel Knits Artisan Sock in Hoppy Blonde. This is one of my new faaaaaaaaaaaaaaavorite sock yarns. So far the colors have been true to the pictures on the website (of course this can change with different monitors) and they’ve been extremely gorgeous in person. I made this shawl with the Saffron colorway, and I still have a skein of Euphorbia in my stash waiting to become something. Hazel Knits also has fantastic, friendly customer service. My only piece of advice is to order all you could possibly need for a project because they don’t have dyelots.

photo (8)

I’ve put the sleeves on a holder and started on the larger fronts, so I’m moving along at a good pace. I also finished a Noro Striped Scarf this week that was hanging around in my UFOs. I will post that as soon as I can take some dashing photos of Matt modeling it. I also have a couple of pairs of stockinette socks going, but there isn’t much to report about those yet.

We had a cold, biting day here yesterday and I had to pull out lots of knitted armor. I hope everyone has lots of wool to stay warm. If not…get your knit on!

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