Oh stripes, I love you, but I’ll hate all those ends someday soon.

delancey prog-2
I have begun knitting Delancey in Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK. I chose the colors Vanilla for the main color and Buttercup for the contrasting color. So far I’m liking the colors. I had originally chosen a more pumpkin-orange for the CC, but I waited more than a year and a half to cast this baby on after purchasing the yarn, and Cynthia purchased the more gold color for the shop. This color is definitely more my taste so I exchanged them.

I’m enjoying this project. It requires barely any thinking, but is more interesting than plain stockinette. It’s tame enough that I can still gorge myself on French films on Netflix and pay attention to the subtitles. Last night I took it to Silver Linings Playbook, which I enjoyed immensely.

delancey prog

The yarn is sublime, you might say. Ha. It feels wonderful as you knit it. I believe it can be washed, but not dried. I tested that here and it seemed to be in good condition after a normal wash with a bunch of clothing. It feels much better than many other superwash yarns. I never mind the feel of superwash yarns in sock weight, but sometimes in a heavier weight they feel a little strange or too slick.

It looks small, and I’m doing it in a slightly tighter gauge than recommended (20 sts over 4 inches rather than 18), but it seems anytime I use a superwash it always grooooooows more than expected with a wet block, and many people on Ravelry have commented that this grows anyway. The author also notes that the cardigan seems small until blocking. I’ll press on and not worry about it.

I tried to make a Russian join using this yarn, but it seemed too slippery with too many plies for this to work neatly. I decided to just join a new ball at the end of the row and leave another couple of ends to weave in. By the end of this thing I will have so many, but I think the design is gorgeous, so it’s worth it.

I am working on this fairly monogamously and have gotten a good chunk done since I started last Friday. It’s going faster than I thought. I’m already ready to divide for the armholes.  Aside from this, I only have one pair of socks lounging on the needles! Those are mostly bus or walking knits. I was actually feeling pretty blah about my knitting inspiration until I got this sweater going. Now the mojo is coming back. Whoo!

13 thoughts on “Oh stripes, I love you, but I’ll hate all those ends someday soon.

  1. It looks amazing so far! Have you tried carrying your colors up the side of the work? Since you’ll be working out of the sides later, nothing would be seen, and it saves so much time! That’s what I’m doing with my current cardi, which also has stripes.

    • I’m carrying the stripes on each stripe section, so that helps. I’m used to joining new balls with Russian joins, and I’m not for this project, so that means many more ends than usual. It’s ok. It can be done on a night when my wrists need a break.

  2. What a great start! I’m always impressed with your sweater knitting! I wonder if I keep reading your blog enough, if I’ll learn to be more diligent with gauge … one can wonder. Enjoy your knit! I know you will whip this one up super fast too, with a baby no less! Sheesh you’re making me look slower than pond water!

  3. I have had my eye on this cardigan for a while, so I am super excited to see how yours turns out! So far it’s looking lovely.

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