Happy Valentine’s Day!

Last night I was beginning to catalog my stash on Ravelry. I was taking Fridica’s suggestion and I wanted to get started because I knew it was going to take quite some time.I was deeply into the sock yarns, grabbing them out of my plastic bin, laying them on the coffee table, and taking quick pictures, barely looking up from the camera.

I took many pictures. Then I came upon this skein.


I didn’t exactly remember buying it. I had admired it in my LYS many times while working there and after. It was a familiar yarn. I shrugged it off for a second.

Then I grabbed this one. This color was also familiar, but I was pretty sure I hadn’t purchased it.


And then my fingers stumbled upon this one. It was only vaguely familiar, since it was one Cynthia purchased after I stopped working at the store.


What was going on? Clever Matt decided to slip my Valentine’s Day presents into the container of yarn without me noticing. It’s all lovely, with excellent yardage and I can’t wait to make something out of it. The yarn is Pagewood Farms Chugiak in the colors Teal, Army Girl, and Maple Leaf. They are each 460 of superwash merino wool. Hello shawls or socks!

I hope you all are having a lovely Valentine’s Day. May it be filled with love.

15 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Sounds like Matt knows what he’s doing! Great colours 🙂

    I have also spent the last little while updating/organizing my stash on Ravelry and it is helpful (especially in reminding me that I have a lot more than I realized), but man is it time consuming! Good luck!

  2. Keep him forever! A man that not only buy yarn for his girl but also know how to surprise her is a treasure. Gorgeous yarn! I’m using Pagewood for a cowl – held double.

  3. Cassy, thanks so much for having re-sparked my wooly energy! There are so many ideas hidden in the rainbowy piles of yarn in my drawer, can’t wait to start. And I love your Valentine’s Day surprise! Here’s to a year full of creativity, love and color…

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