3.3 miles of yarn

I might have gone yarn crazy (as if you didn’t already know), but I’m just going to embrace it. WEBS was having a sale on discontinued colors of Cascade 220 and I decided it was the perfect time to get enough yarn to make Matt a fantastic cardigan with cables and a shawl collar. Maybe something like this one. Those eat up a lot of yarn! So a sale on worsted weight wool at $5 a ball for 220 yards seemed like the perfect time to get a large quantity.

I asked him what colors he liked. By the time I made the purchase, the Olympic Rain color (heathered hunter-green with blue notes) was gone. He also like the Pyrite Heather, which I was going to buy for myself (hey, it’s cheap yarn people) for a Kenzo, so I ended up buying seventeen balls of that color, assuring I would have more than enough to make lovely cabled sweaters for me and Matt. I will almost surely have enough to also make an Antler Cardigan for Zooey too.

Yo. That's a lotta yarn.

Yo. That’s a lotta yarn.

Do you see where this is going? Matching colors for all of us! Yep, I’ve gone off the deep end. I don’t want to be so matchy that we all have the exact same sweater, but a matching color on varying cabled sweaters for all of us seems like an acceptable theme.  I will probably be so sick of that color in the end…but I’m going to try to get it done anyway.


Well, I thought I should get enough yarn for one more sweater (it was so cheap!), since I also really liked the chocolaty Mocha Heather. I got another 7 balls of the Mocha Heather which I can turn into either this for Matt or maybe this for me.


All in all it was about 4 sweaters-worth of yarn (one baby-sized) for $130 with shipping. For some pretty 100% wool yarn, I think it’s a deal. That’s 5,280 yards of yarn, or 3.3 miles of yarn. Phew! These are both more gorgeous in person.

Up-close sexy shot.

Up-close sexy shot.

Just as I thought I was knitting several sweaters out of my stash, it turns out that I’m going to  replace it. Oh shucks.

12 thoughts on “3.3 miles of yarn

  1. Knitting is like that! There is always a deal that makes you throw your “knit from the stash” plans out of the window. I’ve been avoiding WEBS for that very reason since I’m trying to stick to a challenge I’ve created for myself, but it’s so tempting since Cascade 220 is one of the yarns I’m dying to try. I can’t wait to see the coordinating sweaters! -Nizzy

  2. I’m grinning so hard right now … I don’t know if you experience the same phenomenon in the US, but in Germany, you can see that some married couples in their 40’s and 50’s start wearing the same jackets and (sometimes) even the same haircut (that means, that the wife gets her hair as short as her husband’s, not the other way round) … But you’re a bit young for that. :mrgreen:

    I’d love to see a family photo after everything is finished! The patterns you chose are all awesome. 😀

  3. Chicane is great, my boyfriend picked that one out for me to make for him, but he said that he would prefer buttons over a zipper. That’s so much yarn, what a nice sale to find!

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