The End (after I weave in all those damn ends).

delancey blockingDelancey has been washed and blocked. I finished her Saturday afternoon and immediately bathed her in some warm water with lavender Eucalan. Now I have about 40+ ends to weave in. Ah hahah. I think I’d rather seam all day than weave in this many ends.

As predicted, she grew with blocking. The size is good, the length could be a teeny bit shorter. I might use my test swatch and see how the yarn fares with a bit of drying. I’ll be satisfied either way.

You can see a few more details here. I ended up with a spare ball of each yarn, plus just a very few yards of the last balls I used. I’ll probably exchange the remaining balls for something else delicious one of these days.

Can I count this as finished on Ravelry if I haven’t woven in ends and sewn on buttons? I probably shouldn’t.

10 thoughts on “The End (after I weave in all those damn ends).

  1. Simply gorgeous. I can totally relate to the pain of weaving in ends, out of curiosity how do you weave your ends in? I am on the look out for a new method (mine seem to worm their way back out over time.) Again what an amazing sweater.

  2. This looks gorgeous! The only danger with counting this as finished on Rav is that you may then start looking through your queue and starting on another project before you finish weaving in the ends! (I speak from experience…) 🙂

  3. Ewww, I hate weaving so many ends in, too! I had a striped sweater that I made when I first started knitting and didn’t realize that you didn’t need to start a new ball of yarn every time, so I had about 1000 ends to weave in! Guess what– never got around to weaving them and I NEVER WORE THE SWEATER. Blerg. I try to weave in ends periodically as I go so I don’t have so much to do at the end.

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