Fancy Schmancey Delancey

delanceyI love this sweater. I’m not sure I picked up stitches at the shoulders for the sleeves in the neatest way possible, but otherwise, we’re in love. She is comfy (thank you, Sublime Baby Cashmerino Silk) and warm. I love the colors. Nearly white yarn might prove to be a mistake with a baby, but I’ll wear it judiciously.


I almost wish the collar had a few more short rows so it was wider and I could make it lay flatter. I might try to steam that into submission at some point. I love the fit. I went down two needle sizes to have a smaller gauge because I wanted to eliminate some of the length and I read over and over on Ravelry how much this sweater grows.

We shot these pictures twice. Matt is pretty squirrelly behind the camera. He makes me laugh, but we ended up with a bunch of weird looking shots the first time. And I made this face before I even knew my fly was open the whole first shoot…


That could also just be stress. Back to the comprehensive exams!

There are a few more details here.

9 thoughts on “Fancy Schmancey Delancey

  1. Haha. Amazing. This looks so great on you! I love the way it’s both tailored-looking and casual. You’re going to get so much use out of it!

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