Oak Trail

oak trail-5Here is the promised picture of my Oak Trail hat, atop my noggin (which is hopefully hard at work on my comps while you read this). I’m allowing myself a small break from my week of exams to post once more. Though I don’t relish working on my exams, I remembered that I get to call myself a doctoral candidate when they’re through, and that is pretty awesome. I wish the exams were half as absorbing and intuitive as writing about knitting, but some parts are definitely very engaging.

oak trail-9

Me and Z. Just a couple of knitted hat wearers.

oak trail-2

I had just enough of the skein left to make a pair of 70 Yard Mitts, a project that flew off the needles. I tried to make them a little longer than the pattern called for, because I have fairly large hands, and I was definitely going to run out, so I ripped back my extra rows and continued as the pattern specified. I’m glad to have a sweet little pair of hand warmers to match my hat. I ย don’t often have matching sets of accessories. If I pair these with this Ishbelย I can pretend like the whole thing was planned.

oak trail-3Both of these projects are made from Ella Rae Lace Merino Worsted (color 104), a delightfully springy and soft yarn with intense colors. I did find one knot in the skein and grumbled a bit, but I still enjoyed knitting with it very much.

oak trail-6I loved knitting both of these patterns. I can get away with reading while working on the mitts.

Aside from the exams, I’m still working on Matt’s cardigan. I’m up to the shoulder and neck decreases, so I’ll see if my math is as astute as I hope. I’ve really enjoyed knitting the cable and quickly got to a point where I could tell exactly what row I’m on without looking. I’ve only had to rip back a few rows here and there when I got to absorbed in House of Cards last week. If you’re entranced by political dramas, check it out.

Back to the grind!


10 thoughts on “Oak Trail

    • It’s much easier than you think. The trickiest part is the join, but after that it’s no different than knitting flat. I waited a couple of years before I tried it and I was shocked at how simple it was when I did it. Jump in!

      • i’ve done a cowl in the round, and yes, twisted all my stitches! but it was a happy accident- since it was a cowl it still looked cool and didn’t matter, but i do need to work on the joining part. so far all my fingerless gloves were flat/ seamed but i’m sure i’ll get there!

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