Yarn taster

Matt decided to let Zooey play with a small remainder of one of my Cascade 220 skeins from his sweater. I had to capture the moment. I think she enjoyed it!

yarn taster-3

Of course, she has to examine everything with her mouth.

yarn taster-2
yarn tasterDon’t worry, we didn’t let her eat any of it. It was just a quick taste of wool.

yarn taster-4She was nice enough to return it, slobber and all.

The written part of my comprehensive exams is almost over! Phew. I’ll be back soon with more knitting content.

10 thoughts on “Yarn taster

  1. Last time I tasted yarn (last week while biting through because I couldn’t find the scissors) I was left with fuzz in my mouth….for the next hour! Tell her I don’t recommend it!

    Cute pics!

    • I think she’s just determined to explore the majority of the world with her mouth right now, even if we try to impart the wisdom that some things are better left untasted. 🙂

  2. Cute! Just wanted to say that I really like your blog. I finished a PhD a few years ago, and the comps part was actually pretty fun (in a weird academic way if you know what I mean). Good luck with it!

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