My first knitting project from waaaaaay back

first scarf

I think I learned to knit around April of 2004. I was living in Lawrence, KS and working at a restaurant called Tellers. I remember waiting on a woman one night that was eating alone. I struck up a conversation with her. She was in town on business and said she was excited to visit Yarn Barn, an LYS right down the street from my apartment and the restaurant. I think I mentioned that I had thought about learning to knit before, and she encouraged me to visit the shop. Her excitement was infectious and it definitely piqued my curiosity about learning to knit. I’m grateful that I had this conversation, and I know that I must speak with equal fervor all the time to non-knitters that are curious about learning.

I first learned from Stitch n’ Bitch, but I went into Yarn Barn to confirm that I was knitting correctly. I remember purchasing some mustard yellow Lamb’s Pride Worsted and some size 8 16″ circular Inox needles.  I guess I’ve had a think for mustard yarn since the beginning. It took me a couple of years before I got up the gumption to try knitting in the round. Back then, I didn’t have a knowledgeable cadre of knitting friends to help me with new techniques, and I think this was still at the beginning of knitting’s recent revival.

The yarn above is some Sugar n’ Cream from Hobby Lobby. I just held three strands together and made a garter stitch scarf. It was definitely my first project and I gave it to my mom. She still uses it. When she was at my house this week I decided I should take a picture of it and share it since it was pre-Ravelry and pre-blog days. I’m happy that it lives on.

What inspired you to learn to knit? What was your first project?

14 thoughts on “My first knitting project from waaaaaay back

  1. I can’t remember whose idea it was, but I remember learning to knit and embroider from my grandmother around age 12 or so. At that time it was a “skill” I learned but I never really realized I could make scarves, sweaters, etc. I relearned to knit in college and made a scarf and a hat. The scarf irritated me because I used stockinette stitch but did not know how to stop the curl.

  2. So awesome that your mom still wears the scarf!

    I learned to knit in November 2010 – my brother and dad had both just passed away, and my mom and I needed a distraction. I asked her to teach me to knit. I’ve knit every single day since then. The very first thing I knit was a lace beret because in my mother’s words “it’s everything you’ll ever need to know”. She was mostly right, I learned casting on, knitting in the round, purling, increases, decreases, yarn overs, etc. I don’t have the hat anymore, but I’ll never forget it.

    • Wow!!! You started with a lace beret? That’s hardcore and awesome. I bet you nearly did learn everything you needed to know to make the next project seem simple.

  3. That looks gorgeous! I first learnt to crochet and decided to make scarves for family as Christmas gifts last year. An have just taught myself to knit and loving it loving it loving it! The chunkier the wool the better!

  4. Great story!
    My grandma and mum taught me knitting, crochet and embroidery from a very early age. I remember sitting in our sunroom knitting a scarf for my barbie doll out of neon-pink nylon tape, I was 4 years old. And yes, there were a few dropped stitches!
    I knitted throughout my childhood and high school, but put it away when I graduated from university as I was too occupied.
    I returned to knitting just last year when I became quite ill and could do very little else. I’m recovering now, but the knitting will stay.

  5. I wrote about my first a long time ago here: It’s funny reading the post now, though, and seeing that I finished it with “I could never rip it”, since a few years later that was exactly what I did. But I ripped it in a loving way, repurposed it into one gorgeous toddler sweater and one of my favourite hats. And I am still keeping the rest of the yarn for when inspiration strikes. I will surely make into something else I will love and wear, so that my first will never be far from me…

  6. I still have my first scarf from when I learned at about 10… I love looking at its bumpy, lumpy, full-of-yarn-over-oopses next to my current stuff. How far I’ve come! I show it to young knitters now to show them that even I was not a good knitter once. I love having it. 🙂

  7. My childminder taught me to knit when I was about 9 or 10. I didn’t really knit again until about 11 years ago when someone asked if I knew how to knit as they were trying to make a charity blanket. I was surprised to find that I remembered! I then made a blanket myself for my soon to be born nephew. Again I left it for a while before taking up seriously with it in 2008. I was reminded of my nephew’s blanket at Christmas when I was informed that it was started to fall apart (11 years down the line). Maybe I should offer to knit another one, now I’m a better knitter.

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  9. What a great story! I learned how to knit a few years ago after getting an invitation to maybe my third or fourth baby shower in a year. I decided I needed to find a way to make special things that wouldn’t cost a lot of money for all of these babies! The first thing I actually made was a set of wrist warmers that were really ugly and awful, mustard yellow and cranberry striped. 🙂

  10. I just took up knitting about a year ago after purchasing some wonderful hand-knit washcloths from a charity fundraiser. I thought that would be a good way to start knitting – they looked pretty easy. Thank goodness for all of the online tutorials and patterns these days, they helped so much. I also called upon some knitty friends at work to show me the ropes in the beginning.
    Funny, after I began knitting those washcloths (which has morphed into making some scarves and a couple of cowls now…) I vividly remembered my mother knitting all through my childhood. She taught me how to sew, but not to knit or crochet, and I think it was either because I showed no interest at the time or she didn’t have the time to show me. She was a single mom and has been gone now for almost 17 years. If she was still around I’m sure she would have loved to shown me how to start those washcloths last year!

  11. Beautiful works you’ve created! And very encouraging it was to read that someone else has also learned knitting from books/interned.. I started knitting on fall 2011 and I really have a long way to get that pro 🙂 I don’t know how it works abroad, but here in FInland everyone SHOULD learn proper knitting in school.. Of course I wasn’t one of them! At school I couldn’t care less about handicrafts, and nowadays I only hope I would have… It would save a whole lot of time now!

    • I wish we learned to knit in school here. Of course, many knitters that learn as children don’t appreciate it until later in life. The drive (ahem, obsession) to knit is probably the more important factor.

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