I don’t know what made this project pop into my head this weekend. I was working on the Pull Gaspard and something made me think of the Beekeeper’s Quilt. I’ve read about these addictive little hexapuffs on various blog posts, and I’ve seen them on Instagram, but I thought I would never aspire to make such a blanket because it would take so long and would have so much finishing.

I guess I changed my mind.


This really has very little finishing because both ends of the puff are tucked inside. The author of the pattern suggests working on hexapuffs for a year while you’re waiting for things and see where that gets you. I’m not going to set a specific goal on this one. I’m just going to make a puff here and there and see what happens. I made those over the weekend when I got tired of baby sweater sleeves.

A lot of my leftover sock yarn doesn’t really coordinate, but I’m just going to trust that if I make enough puffs they will somehow all look magnificent together. I’ve never knitted a blanket. It seems like a huge undertaking. I’ve wanted to make a Barn Raising Quilt out of my stash of Koigu for years now, but I have a hard time knitting it at all (because I love it too much) and I loathe the idea of all that finishing. The hexapuffs are put together without much seaming, making this a more attractive project, and I can also use up scraps if I don’t want to break into a new skein of something. Plus, a puff is really fairly quick to make. I made 5 on Saturday because I kept thinking, “Just one more….” And they’re CUTE!

15 thoughts on “Puffs!

  1. Those are adorable! I’ve seen them before too but haven’t attempted them because they look like they’d be finnicky and hard to manage. If you get bored or tired of them they’d make a lovely pillow!

  2. there is something addictive about knitting small objects. a few years ago I took all my sock scraps and knit flat little hexigons and seamed them together to make a wildly colorful blanket. I never got bored while knitting this and it was so easy to have one on the go for knitting anywhere and I finished in less than a year!!!
    right now I have been making mini animals and in the last two weeks have made 6 of them in between the larger projects i have going.simple knitting that requires no concentration is the best!

  3. So beautiful … I’ve started the Apple Core blanket out of my sock yarn leftovers … But then decided I’ll do a cushion cover, and maybe only one side of it will consist of the apple cores. :mrgreen: And I don’t want to think about sewing everything together …

    I love the colours of your puffs! And I am already curious how many you will have in a couple of months .:D

    • They’re all tucked in! Practically no finishing. And the different pieces are tied together, so I won’t have to sew all the hexapuffs together.

  4. I started my own beekeeper’s quilt in early 2013 but haven’t picked it up again since the end of February. I’m thinking it might make a great springtime project! Your hexis are looking great.

  5. I’ve thought about starting with hexipuffs, but I think it would be a slippery slope, and all the finishing at the end! Good luck!

  6. Ooh, I’ve been wanting to cast this guy on for a while! I have a few skeins ready for a blanket, but I’m kind of addicted to sweaters lately 🙂 Have a good day!


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