Ohhhhhhhhh…that’s what that meant.

Firstly, I am officially a doctoral candidate for my degree in counselor education! Thanks for all the good wishes yesterday. The oral exam wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It felt more like a collaboration than a grilling at times, and I found out within minutes of stepping outside of the room after it was over. Hurrah!

Ok, now for the matter of this itty bitty baby sweater. I love this pattern. I don’t blame it at all. Pull Gaspard is translated from French. This has caused me pause a few times as some things might not be phrased exactly the same way. One of these pauses came from the instructions for the collar. It says “Open the cowl in front of you,” before the instructions to work the collar stitches. I thought about this for awhile, but then went on my merry way, doing what I thought had to be done. I should have examined the finished pictures of the sweater more for guidance.

This is how the collar ended up:

pull gaspard collar

I didn’t see a problem with this until I thought about seaming it to the back of the sweater, and it didn’t seem to make sense.

When the pattern said “open the cowl in front of you,” I did this:

pull gaspard collar-3But I should have done this:

pull gaspard collar-4Well it’s back on the needles and I’ll be on my way to finishing soon.

pull gaspard collar-5I already have one side sectioned with stitch markers to make my mattress stitch easier.

pull gaspard collar-6And the lovely kangaroo pocket is complete. I had to add a few rows of length because I made the overall length of the pullover slightly longer.

pull gaspard collar-7Back to work!

17 thoughts on “Ohhhhhhhhh…that’s what that meant.

  1. Looks great and I love the colour!! I mess up instructions all the time and they aren’t translated from another language so, you did way better than I would have done! Oh, Congrats on your doctoral program

  2. I don’t see the difference. 😦 But I LOVE the sweater, especially the poket. πŸ™‚

    CONGRATULATIONS on your oral exam! It’ll be great, I’m sure. But I thought you already HAD started your doctoral thesis? (sorry if this is a stupid question. In Germany, we don’t have a lot of programs like yours).

    • I wish I had started! It’s not possible in my program to officially start the dissertation until I pass the candidacy exams. I can have ideas, do research, etc. to prep for the dissertation, but I can’t propose, do experimentation, etc. I also have to pass a proposal process before I can do the actual dissertation experiment. Lots of hoops to jump through, but it’s one more behind me!

    • Ahhhh …. Okay. Thank you so much for explaining! πŸ™‚ It is indeed different here … But I think the good thing about your system is that you have people looking after you during the whole process. Here, it depends a lot on the professor grading the dissertation in the end …

      If you still have the same topic you wrote about a couple of months before, I’m sure they will like it. It’s so interesting and (as far as I know) also new. Good luck! You’ll get there. πŸ˜€

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