Baby stand-in

pull gaspard-2Yep, this Pull Gaspard is not for Zooey, but I couldn’t resist seeing it on a baby since she’s the right size. I made the 6 month size, but I added a bit more length overall and my gauge was a teensy bit larger. I’m hoping it fits the intended baby during her 6-10 month chunk of babyhood, right about next October-February . Other than that I made no changes to the pattern. It was a fun and quick knit.

pull gaspard-4I’m not sure I would really call Cascade 22o Superwash a DK weight, as it’s classified on Ravelry. It seemed a wee bit heavy for the project, but I really wanted to put this yarn to this pattern. I will be making one for Zooey in a bright orange. I may go up a needle size for everything but the garter stitch kangaroo pocket. That seems like it would benefit from a fairly firm piece of knitting.

pull gaspardI really like the way the crochet edging looks, but it was my least favorite part of the sweater. I think it’s crucial to have the finished look on the pocket and collar, but it felt like it took ages to do each row.

pull gaspard-3This sweater should be toasty warm for its intended recipient. I like to imagine she’ll keep something treasured in that pocket.

pull gaspard-5I love this expression on Zooey’s face. It’s like she’s thinking, “What do you mean this sweater isn’t for me?”

19 thoughts on “Baby stand-in

  1. I love the look on your daughter’s face. She’s so photogenic …

    I like this sweater a lot. Also because of the kangaroo pocket! But I’ve come to like garter stitch, so this is really, really nice. 😀

  2. Adorable baby, lovely sweater – I cannot wait to see the one you knit Zooey. (Also, are those teeth I see! She’s growing up so fast!)

  3. I agree with the other posters, adorable baby and adorable sweater. Zooey is just so beautiful and her expression in the last one is just perfect with your caption. Congrats on the lovely sweater.

  4. Really pretty and I can’t wait to see Zooey’s orange one. However, remembering what my two were like, that “treasured item” will likely be Cheerios cereal!

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