Lady Citron


I had my doubts about this little number after I finished it. It was heavenly to work on while I was knitting it, but when I finished I wasn’t sure that it actually fit into my wardrobe. I think I have changed my mind and I love it. I kept trying to coordinate a time for photographs with Matt, but our schedules were hectic, or there was rain, etc., so I convinced my lovely friend Jenni to model for me.


This is the first semi-circular shawl I’ve knitted. My favorite style to wear is a triangular shawl. I just love they way they drape when I wear them. I was a little unsure about Lady Citron (as she shall be named henceforth since she comes from such a fine mink background). I wore her for my oral exams last week draped casually over one shoulder (shown above), and it felt like I was wearing a power tie.


I don’t often wear shawls draped over my back and shoulders. It feels like I should be dressed up for that. Lady Citron is very very cozy. As soon as I finished Citron, the weather started warming significantly, so aside from evening or early morning outings she might not be worn much right now. Of course, there are always opportunities in the overly-air conditioned campus buildings from time to time.

Fayetteville has its very own knitting statue next to the Walton Arts Center. This lady really takes over the bench with her purse contents.

Citron-6Jenni noticed that her strand of yarn is broken. The knitter is probably going to be irked when she discovers that…


13 thoughts on “Lady Citron

  1. I am dithering about whether or not I want to knit Citron because of the shape, but it keeps calling me back. Some people have complained that it can be boring to knit, but I think if I used a luxury yarn like you did, it would be a pleasant experience. It’s beautiful!

    • I agree that the yarn does make a difference. The softness kept me going. I was pretty motivated to finish and use it, so I think that kept me going through some looooooooong rows too.

  2. Oh wow, that is absolutely gorgeous! And looks so soft. I want to just pet it, haha. Didn’t realize there was the knitter statue, can we plan a trip there next month?

  3. I love this colour! Never thought of knitting that pattern, because I am not a fan of round shawls as well … But this is really, really great. Awesome photographs! πŸ™‚

  4. ACK! Been there a thousand times (All our kids/grandkids live in Fayetteville – we are in Hot Springs Village) and never noticed the knitting lady! I will have to make a special trip to find her. πŸ™‚ I love your shawl, so beautiful and so soft looking. I will put it on my list of things I aspire to do one day.

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