March of the elephants

I love these little elephants, or Ellybobs, as they are called in the pattern. It’s nice to have some contrast color making an entrance because I was getting a little bored with just the dark Velvet Olive Jitterbug. The Shibui Sock elephants make a nice little pop of color.


According to the label, the color number for the Shibui Sock is 5677, but I can’t find this color number associated with any of their current colors. It looks nearly identical to the Wasabi colorway (7495). I’m guessing the color I have was discontinued. I purchased it back in 2007 at ImagiKnit in San Francisco.


After re-learning how to weave the floats and getting comfortable with the tension, the Ellybobs have gone pretty smoothly. I’ve made little arrows on the charts to help me remember which direction I’m going for each row. Anything that takes some of the thinking out of the chart is fine by me. Fair Isle is so fun when you get going.

This is my first time doing Fair Isle on a knit and a purl side. I’ve only done it in the round prior to this. It’s not so bad on the purl rows. It’s definitely slower, as purling is for me, and I have to pay more attention to my tension. That has been my primary concern, but I think weaving the floats in helps me pay attention to this. If you want to know more about weaving in floats when working Fair Isle patterns, I put together a little tutorial to help. I first learned about weaving floats from this post, but that post only addressed Fair Isle when knitting. For the Ellybob Cardigan you need to weave floats on both the knit and purl side.

Back to the knitting!

10 thoughts on “March of the elephants

  1. I love your pictures showing weaving the floats in your previous post. I am going to try your method in my next stranded project.
    I love working with charts although when they are complicated it can get hard to follow. so I have two things I do to make it easier. first after I print out my chart I take a colored pencil and mark every 5th line both horizontally and vertically this makes it easier to count for me and keep track of how far I am in a row. and like you I put arrows for direction if I am not working in the round.
    I also put the chart in a sleeve with a magnet board. the sleeve protect my paper and with a magnet board behind it I can use magnets on the row below the one I am knitting. it helps to focus my eye on the row I am knitting.

  2. This is amazing! Saw your picture a few minutes ago on ravelry and came to see whether you had already blogged about it.
    The elephants are adorable, and the combination of colours works really well! I’m so curious about the finished product! 😀

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