It’s the little things.

I’ve really enjoyed this super-quick little baby vest/tunic. Worsted weight baby stuff goes so quickly! This only took me about 2.5 days with a little ripping and revising at the very beginning.


I went down 3 needles sizes and I think the fit will work just fine. The pattern is only written for a 3-5 yr old, but I think this could work easily from about 15 months-2 years with the size adjustment. I could have stretched it more with blocking, easily, but it is a nice 21″ chest circumference right now, and I imagine that will fit pretty well in the fall. The length will work as a tunic or vest.

This is my second of the matching family sweaters in Cascade 220 Pyrite Heather that I have planned.

I modified the pattern slightly. Aside from going down three needle sizes to a US 5, I also made the stripes like this version, flipped the button to the other side of the neck so I could leave the neatest edge of the stockinette up (in my case the edge that starts with knitting) and I’ve added some short row sleeves instead of the ribbed ones.


The white portion of the sleeves will be turned inside the sleeve and sewn down, making little hemmed sleeves to complement the hem on the bottom of the tunic. I made the hem on the bottom in green on the inside, just for the heck of it.


This might be my favorite baby sweater yet, in terms of the finished item. I can’t wait to see it on her! I’m loooooooving the speed of baby knits, and they’re a great way to use some stash yarn too. Now, it’s time for some end weaving and sweater seaming.

11 thoughts on “It’s the little things.

  1. It looks great. I should try something like this for my daughter this year (we’re just heading into winter now). She’s a tiny 2 year old so it would probably fit with these modifications. Thanks!

  2. That’s an *extremely* cute pattern. All of my knitting (and everything else) is currently packed away while I’m in a moving process, and it’s making me crazy. I’m cruising knit blogs and wishing I could be getting work done. But I think you’ve inspired my next pattern choice!

  3. How cute! I love seeing the different patterns you choose…I feel like I’m on ravelry more than any other “social media” outlet, but I somehow haven’t seen any of these you’ve been making. I love them!

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