Early Mother’s Day!

This year I get one more holiday to celebrate! Since I’m officially a mother, that comes with some extra yarn, right? I want to start making a few warm-weather items, and a Goodale seems like a nice transition piece. I looked through my stash. I didn’t have anything that was just right, (the ol’ Goldilocks defense for new stash acquisitions). I usually have a pretty good idea of the yarns at my LYS, since I go there about twice a week to knit and hang. I couldn’t think of anything there that I had to have for the project, so I started browsing online and came across Frog Tree Pediboo in a Marigold color. Ohhhhh yes. It’s bamboo and merino. Perfect for spring and summer. It’s considered to be fingering weight on some sites, and sport weight on Ravelry, but I think it will work well and I should have enough to add a little extra length.

frog tree pediboo

I told Matt that I needed three skeins, picked a site where it seemed to be cheapest, and told him it would be the perfect mother’s day present. Hurrah! Yes, this might seem unromantic. I’ve already purchased his birthday presents and given them to him, even though his birthday is not until June. He told me exactly which blazers he wanted and I got them. He LOVES them and has been wearing both of them every day since he got them last week. I think we’re both satisfied with this arrangement.

Last weekend I got to knit, holding Z in my lap, while she examined a needle gauge. It didn’t last long (as baby attention spans often don’t), but it was sweet anyway.


I will let myself cast this on as soon as I do some finishing on this and this and this. They’re all blocked. They just need some seaming and weaving of ends.

8 thoughts on “Early Mother’s Day!

  1. This is an excellent arrangement! L gave me my birthday present in January (tickets to a play) even though my birthday isn’t for two more weeks.

    Also, what an excellent colour.

  2. what a beautiful picture of you both. don’t feel the gift is unromantic, gifts should be whatever makes the other person’s heart feel warm, and for you that is clearly creating with yarn. i once asked for a big pile of dirt for mother’s day, because i love to garden, and it was one of my fav gifts ever. ) beth

  3. I don’t know if it gets any sweeter than the picture of you and baby girl. You can almost see her brilliant mind working. 🙂

  4. This year my birthday falls the day after Mother’s day. Not to be deprived of one or the other (which would be totally unfair), I emailed my birthday AND mother’s day yarn list to Adam last month since I figured the cost might deter him a bit if I waited too long 🙂

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