Ah, family.

This is a picture heavy post. You have been warned. I can’t help myself though. I had a fantastic Mother’s Day with Matt and Zooey in the morning, taking pictures of them in their matching sweaters. Later we had a fantastic afternoon “brunch”, because afternoon is the only time all of the babies are not napping at the same time.

Neighborly-Dapper-3I absolutely love how Matt and Zooey’s sweaters have turned out.




Neighborly-Dapper-4I may have to re-block Z’s sweater, or take out the bottom and add to it a bit. The width is great, but I think it would be better with one more stripe repeat at the bottom. She’ll be taller next fall when she’s likely to wear this the most.

Neighborly-Dapper-9I still need to get some pictures of just Matt in his sweater, to capture all of the essential details for the pattern, but you can see lots of it right now. I’m also debating redoing his collar to make it wider. The Cascade 220 Pyrite Heather color looks great on both of them. I hope it looks as good on me. Zooey is in a Neighborly pullover, and Matt is in a sweater of my own design, in case you haven’t been following the matching family sweater journey.

I feel so grateful to have such a wonderful family, and great friends that feel like more family. My first Mother’s Day was amazing. The afternoon went a little like this:

Mother's day-34

Mother's day-40

Mother's day-61

Mother's day-82

Mother's day-94

Mother's day-102


I hope everyone had as wonderful a day as I did.




20 thoughts on “Ah, family.

  1. Looks like you had an AWESOME day. I particularly love the photo where Zooey seems to be attacking Matt and he is trying to keep her at bay (or that’s at least how I interpret it :).
    I fully support the wider-collar idea, I showed the sweater to my boyfriend today and he liked it, but commented that the collar was a bit narrow…

    • Yeah. I know Matt would like it wider too. I guess I’ll have to rip and rework it. Sniff sniff. It’s ok. I didn’t take great notes for the collar, so I should just do it.

  2. The pictures were great! That’s so cool you were all together with your kids, too sweet. But my dear, the sweaters! They are ah-may-zing, as the kids say. Seriously fantastic job, it was great to follow your journey there. congrats on many levels. hope your readers get a crack at your patterns, soon.

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